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NFL Alumni Membership


The NFL Alumni is a dues paying association. NFL Alumni members share a commitment to advance the organization’s mission of caring for it's own and it's community. From golf tournaments to various social events, the NFL Alumni helps players, fans, and supporters continue to experience the excitement of the game.


Members gain access to our exclusive association along with benefits ranging from healthcare, apparel, and travel from local and national brands.


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Remember, you don’t have to be a former player to join. Non-players can enjoy the benefits of membership through our Associate Membership program. For more information visit


Become A Member


To become a Professional Member of this organization you must have been a former NFL player, coach or in the front office of an NFL team.

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However, Associate Memberships are available to anyone else who would like to be involved with the NFL Alumni Kansas City Chapter.

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Membership Requirements

Caring For Kids​


Player- All former NFL players that received a paycheck by an NFL Team.


Spouse- Spouses/significant other of a former NFL player.


Professional- Former or current NFL coaches, referees, scouts, training staff, all full time office employees, and cheerleaders who received a paycheck from the NFL or a NFL team.


Associate- Any individual who supports the mission and vision of the NFL Alumni. All of the dues for this membership will be donated to the Foundation.


All NFL Alumni members share a commitment to advance the organization's missions of "Caring for Its Own and Caring for Kids"





Community Involvement Whether it’s participating in one of the NFL Alumni's Charity Golf Classics or visiting a children's hospital during Youth of America Week, you can be as active as you like in important youth and charity work. The NFL Alumni carries on a comprehensive year-round program of local and national activities. These activities not only enhance the lives of young people, they offer role models for today's youth.

We welcome and encourage you to become a member if you're interested in our mission. If you would like to contribute to the success of our team you will need to do two things.


FIRST: You must be a dues paying member. This applies to everyone with no exceptions. Former NFL players are required to be dues paying members even to participate in celebrity golf functions as the celebrity. It is important that we are all on the same team and have made that commitment.


SECOND: Contact Kyle Kramer. Kyle will provide you with additional information on what to expect and will be interested to know in what capacity you would like to participate. We have very casual members who pay dues and that is their contribution. We have others who are involved only when events arise, and we have committees which require leadership and direction. The level of participation is totally up to you. Kyle wants to know, so that we can best utilize your talents and make your experience a positive and rewarding one. 





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